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CIPOML: To the International Conference of the Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations – ICMLPO

octubre 26, 2015


Dear Comrades

With revolutionary greetings, we inform you that unfortunately, due to some technical problems, we will not be present at the upcoming meeting. We wish our Comrades success in the work of the Conference, in the struggle for purity of Marxism Leninism, and in strengthening the fortress of Leninism.

Dear Comrades,

There is no single day that capitalist bourgeoisie and reaction does not commit crimes against the working people. The US imperialists have bloody hands in the social crises in the Middle East. Iraq and Afghanistan became quagmires for the Western and US occupying forces. The resistance of the Iraqi people against the US invaders struck a heavy blow to the strategic interest of the Western imperialist powers in the region. The invasion of Libya, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran was on the US agenda. The world is the witness to the total destruction of Libya.

The plots against the Syrian people have continued unabated for four years. Syria’s resistance against the imperialist-trained “Free Syrian Army “ has put the US and Western imperialists on a dead end road. The US “war” on ISIS seems more like a joke. The US allies in the region, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, … all have criminal roles in ruining Syria. The government of Syria is legitimately defending the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.  The recent Russian attacks on the terrorist bases of Daesh (ISIS) and other imported terrorists will play positive role in preserving the existence and the territorial integrity of Syria, and will disrupt the Western imperialist sinister plots in overthrowing the Assad’ regime and in strengthening Saudi-Arabia, Turkey, and Israel in the region.

The recent bomb blasts in Ankara who killed more than 120 people; 16 of whom were comrades of our fraternal Party EMEP, and injured more than 400 people is orchestrated by the ruling AKP party in order to create chaos and an atmosphere of fear in Turkey and consequently to win November elections. The whole progressive world has publicly and strongly condemned this plot and has taken Erdogan responsible for the massacre.

The criminal occupation of Palestine has continued and there is no light at the end of tunnel for Palestinians. The contempt, degradation, and the atmosphere of hopelessness imposed on the Palestinians have reached the level that the social explosion of the Palestinians is inevitable. The killing of Palestinian, women and men, young and old, continues even at this moment, and the whole “democratic“ mass media is silent. The brave Palestinian youth confront the Israeli tanks with slingshot.

Today in Iran, the regime of the Islamic Republic has intensified the suppression of the working people, particularly, of the worker activists. Shahrokh Zamani, a house-painting worker, a labour activist, a member of the “Founding Committee of House-Painting Workers’ Union of Tehran” and a member of the “Follow-up Committee to form Independent Worker Syndicates”, was murdered a month ago in prison.  After signing the shameful and neocolonial Vienna nuclear agreement, the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to pave the ways for the imperialist investments. Already, American, French, and German companies have visited Iran to establish bases for investments. To provide the imperialist investors with cheap labour, the Islamic Republic has intensified the suppression of the worker activists.

The Western imperialists shed crocodile tears for the refugees fleeing the horrible conditions war-stricken countries  of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, etc. the imperialist gangsters are who destroyed the fabric of these societies are fully responsible  for this crisis.

The crises in Greece continue.  Syriza and Tsipras betrayal of the demands of the masses has sharpened the class conflict in Greece. As our comrades of KKE (1918-1955) have demanded, exit from EU is essential for solving the crises in Greece.

Dear Comrades,

There are many turbulent regions in the world today. Essentially, the capitalist bourgeoisie is responsible for the misery, poverty, displacement …

Once again, we send the Comrades of ICMLPO our internationalist greetings and wish you success in your revolutionary wok.

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

October 2015

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